Mini update

I’ve been debating on what to write about the past week. I wondered if I should write about how I view Tom* now, but I decided not to. I still respect him even if we don’t talk to each other anymore. I feel like I should keep my thoughts to myself.

I had a job interview on Monday at a NYC governmental agency. I was super excited when I received a call asking if I was available for an interview. If I do get the position, it’ll be a step up for me and be a way for me to affect public policy. I think I did well during the interview and I hope to hear back soon. If I don’t hear back, I’ll be disappointed but I know I have to keep trying to look for other opportunities.

I fell badly yesterday so I have a huge bruise on my left thigh and cuts on both legs. My sister’s wedding is happening on Sunday. I’m fortunate that I chose a formal dress to the event so my legs will be covered. I have an image of me limping during the wedding in my formal gown.

*All names in this blog are fictional to protect individuals’ privacy.



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