I hate flirting

I mean, I don’t hate it, hate it. I just don’t like how it feels contrived. I can feel myself straining to be clever and lighthearted. All I want to do is just talk to someone in a friendly way and not stress out about about how to word something.

I also don’t like how people want to talk to you ALL DAY when you first meet them. I’m talking to some people online so this means I have to check my phone all the time. I just want to ask, “Don’t you have a job or something?” I know, this is rude. But, maybe I get grouchy when people expect constant and immediate access. My list of people who I provide that for is limited to family and close friends, because who has the energy and time for that shit? Sigh.

Lets see if I get beyond just talking to people online to actually meeting them! I’m sure it’ll be just as painful and pessimism-inducing as the flirting. XD


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