First date, first impressions

I had a first date from someone I met through OkCupid. It was terrible (aren’t most first dates that way?).

We had agreed to meet at a cafe after I finished work. I knew within seconds of meeting him that we weren’t compatible and wanted to leave the cafe immediately. But I stuck around anyway out of sheer politeness and we talked for approximately an hour and a half. Our conversation crystallized my initial impression of him and I knew for sure that I was not interested. For example, he said that he doesn’t speak to his family, not even with his sister who is currently studying in New York. For me, my family is very important even if I complain about them all the time. It shows how different we are in our value systems. There were other problems like he found even polyamory to be too restricting; he wanted no restrictions whatsoever for his romantic relationships. I found that stance to be childish and selfish.

This date made me think about how first impressions matter. I tend to rely heavily on my first impressions to navigate the world. I’ve felt my intuition has rarely failed me over the years. It’s probably unfair and illogical.

Despite this date not going so well, I hope I go out more to meet people. I felt like I was afraid to meet people for a long time.

While I was writing this post, I was listening to:

Celine Dion’s Power of Love and All by Myself


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