Am I attracted to a type of person?

I had a first date on Sunday with someone I met on Okcupid. We met at a cafe near Union Square Park in Manhattan and, since the cafe was very busy and had no available tables, we hung out at the park and walked around the neighborhood. It was a gorgeous fall day so it was nice being outside. And the date went well. We already agreed to see each other again on Friday.

I wondered if I am attracted to a certain type of person ever since I met him. Like, do I have a type? I think I do. I really like nerdy men who give off a vibe of mild-mannered stability. If he doesn’t drink, smoke, and do drugs, the better. I really don’t like gym rats or men who look prettier than me. And my partying days (if they ever existed) are over so I like meeting people who prefer quiet venues. I’m also wondering if I like the balding professorial look because the person I’m seeing will probably lose a significant portion of his hair within the next twenty years. He’s a year older than me but his hair is already thinning. But I really don’t mind. He was self-conscious about it and I found it endearing.

I’m disregarding the rare times that I experienced instant lust because I’ve never acted on my feelings (I don’t trust feelings that encourage me to be rash plus it always happen with people who are very bad for me). I’m thinking about the type of person who I’m likely to want to be with long term.

While drafting this post, I was listening to Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love.


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