Could this be The One?

My hiatus from dating is over. I really needed the short break to gather my energy and start fresh.

I had a first date with a man, Alex,* who I met online last Friday. We met at a bar in New York City’s Koreatown. He was late because he thought we agreed to meet at a later time. But we ended up hitting it off and we moved on to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

There are a bunch of practical reasons why Alex appeals to me. He’s a political science professor. He is also an Ace person who wants to be married and have children like me. He is only a couple years older than I am and have no previous marriages or children to worry about.

But I feel like I want to throw caution to the wind. We had fantastic chemistry together; it felt electric to me. I loved everything about him- his dark eyes, his low voice with its Macedonian accent, his intellectualism, his shyness and awkwardness about dating, the way he touched me, and how we embraced after the date ended and he kissed me on the cheek. After the date was over, I told my mother that Alex is the one whom I’m going to marry. If he told me that he wanted to elope, I would in a heartbeat.

I feel like this quite the departure from my modus operandi. If this is what allosexuals feel when they begin a romantic relationship, it is no wonder why some of them seem to love being in love.

I am meeting him again this Friday. I have to keep reminding myself to keep my feet planted on the ground. But I am truly impressed by how confounded I am by all of my feelings. I want to savor this moment while it lasts because it’s wonderful.

While I writing this post, I was listening to Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are and Alicia Key’s Fallin’

*All names used in this blog are fictional to protect individuals’ privacy.


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